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My keyword research tutorial

First you need to login your Google account and go to
Keyword Tool.
If you are already there we are ready to begin our keyword research tutorial!

Let`s get started:
Enter your desire keyword, related to your niche in the box, next from advanced settings choose your targeted country and language just like the image below!
Click on image to see in full size!

Now it is time for arranging the keywords, by CPC (cost per click) and competition. Why? Because in this tutorial I will teach you (if you are do not know this yet) how to find exact keyword, that will earn you money trough adsense easy and fast. When competition is low your site or blog will get top positions easy and when CPC rate is higher you will earn more money for every click on ads. To complete this step follow the image bellow!
Important !!! Check [Exact] box (step 3 on image) !!!
Click on image to see in full size!

Final step:

I just find my best keyword, now What?

It is time to find exact competition for your keyword. But how?
It is Easy! First go to end just search for your keyword in quotes. e.g. "keyword research tutorial" . If you see less than 100-150k results this is perfect and you can rank easy.
See the image below and click on it for full size.

Next let see how many competitors have keyword in their page titles. Just go and search for intitle:"your keyword" . If you see less than 15 000 results this is perfect.
See the image below and click on it for full size.

Now we know exact number of pages that have "the keyword" in their meta tags and body, we know number of pages that have "the keyword in title". We can see exact how many pages have our keyword in their page url`s. Just search for inurl:"your keyword" . If number of results is less than 15 000 this is our keyword.
See the image below and click on it for full size.

Helpful Information For My Keyword Research Tutorial!
If you try to make money trough Adsense:
Plane A
1.Find keyword that have less than 1000 monthly searches, that passed on our criteria (from up)!
2. Go to and see if your keyword is free for use for blog name. We will try to have our keyword in url, so check for If this blog is free - move on and add your keyword in title, if not try or
3. May be now you have a blog. It is time for post. So include your keyword somewhere in:
- post title(largest font)
- in post tags
- in large font
- in bold font
- in normal font
- in image title
4. Your post content must have 400 words or more (for the best results).
5. Very important!!! To work this system you must add 10-20 quality backlinks to your page or to use some good seo backlink strategy like link wheel.

I just finish with Plan A and is time for step 5 to see what will be happened. I haven`t time for building backlinks, by this reason I will jump to Fiverr and will buy some rated service like this:

I will setup link wheel for your page. Be on the first page in Google search in 1 month for $5

There have more than 350 good reviews to this moment. There have 38 active orders for this job, this already help me to rank blogs like this on first page. In fact this is great service for $5.
I get more than 700 organic daily hits (coming from people search) to my blogs and my earnings are average of $4 daily.
So in total: I spend over 24 hours writing blogs and $45 for orders from Fiverr and my average earnings are more than $100 monthly again and again on autopilot.

Plan B
Coming Soon ........

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